Wednesday, July 18

The thrill of the Hunt

The kids and I thrifted today at a favorite place an hour from home.
I had been getting that top book "Sugar Free Toddlers" out of the library for years. It put me back 50 cents.

Lands End shoes for Douglas to grow into.

A pretty pin tucked (albeit wrinkled) blouse for Kaelin.

Jeans for Douglas.

A bundle of cozy knits for Catherine this fall.

That elusive brown blouse I posted about needing for my wardrobe.

5 delightful vintage patterns.
I cut out the one the second from the right this afternoon.

A numbered plate from Germany that matched our dining room perfectly.

A long flowy linen skirt.

About three yards of sage green cordoroy.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

wow - you sure have a nack for thrifting. you always find the best stuff. Lucky you!