Sunday, July 22

A Sunny Sabbath Walk

Still recuperating from last night and the trauma and unfairness of getting molars
when you just turned one...
Off we go!

Just so you know, the string on his bow is a ribbon/sash
from one of Annaliese's dresses that mysteriously disappeared a month ago.
Guess I know where that went.
Yesterday I was putting on a new pair of shoes on Aiden's feet and one shoelace
was missing. I knew I bought shoes with both laces.
"Oh, here, Mom, I have it." Up his bunk Andrew scrambles like a little squirrel
and hands me down the missing lace.
Give Andrew a string and you'll make a friend.
It'll turn into a thousand different things.

Green beans?

I thought he was thinning out.

I knew the sight of this would cause some excitement as Andrew had outfitted himself with complete weaponry on our walk.

Sure enough, he stalked it carefully.

"Can I go in the neighbor's yard, Papa?"

Aimed.... and missed.
And of course had to try to catch it with his bare hands next.
No bunnies were harmed, much to Andrew's disappointment.

Green beans in the field next door.
The farmer sells them to big chain grocery stores down in the city.

Sean asked why I took this photo.
There's just something about stacked wood that's beautiful to me.
Maybe it's all the wood I stacked in the sweltering heat last August,
pausing only to breastfeed an infant
and wait for more to be dumped in our city driveway
and quickly hide it away in the porch before the fire marshall drove by.
Stacked firewood= beauty.

I love cattails.

A mystery crop.
I'd like to take a guess and say rye or wheat but I have
no doubt someone who REALLY knows would laugh at me
and tell me its just hay.
Anyway, its beautiful.
Green and blue are two of my favorite colors.

 Aiden fellow.

 Aiden wants so badly to ride his bike by himself,
or one of the BIG kids' scooters.
Annaliese made his day when she
offered him a ride behind her.
You should have seen the grin!

Hovering clouds.

Not from my garden but I wish it was.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!
When I commented before I forgot that my blog address isn't "out there" in the greater blog world, but if you want to see who's visiting and loving your blog, then we're at:
Our baby is also teething her molars. I feel so sorry for them!

Laura said...

Your children are precious! I love the pictures of them running through the field. So sweet.