Wednesday, July 18


About three years ago Sean's grandmother had this beautiful vintage tablecloth on her kitchen table that I gushed over.

"What, this old thing, here, take it" she said.

To make a long story short, I stopped burning candles with small children around when an unnamed former two year old lit the tablecloth on fire. No small children were injured in the making of this story but the beautiful old tablecloth was charred and unusable as a tablecloth.

I made this dress Kaelin is wearing from McCall's 4547 and kind of winged it on the pinafore.

Kaelin learned how to sew buttons on today on the tablecloth/pinafore.

A happy ending for a sentimental tablecloth.

(and yes, Mom, I know I should iron when I sew...)


Anonymous said...

That made a great pinafore - and don't tell anyone, but I don't always iron when I sew either - the iron is in the basement and I sew in the kitchen - a bit lazy! So I only run down when I absolutely need something ironed - like when I'm making bias tape - or neck facings or collar that I want to lie correctly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah, I found you at Pioneer Woman! Just want you to know that I have been reading your blog and poring over your archives - and I'm really inspired to "Cultivate my Home" in a better way. You are a clear thinker and you have taken your direction from God. Thanks for the encouragement!

Me said...

Thanks for the kind comments, RMK! Welcome!

Anonymous said...

Kaelin is a beautiful child and the pinafore will be in her memories when she is retired like me. This is my first visit, was searching for a pattern, but found a beautiful web page. I learned to sew when I was 6. I had son's, and yes they learned to sew. I am now 63 and your pictures with Kaelin's pinafore touched my heart. You have to be a wonderful mother and inspiration to your family. Thanks for the Sunday morning delight. Priscilla

Me said...

Thank you so much, Anonymous for the sweet comments. We do feel very blessed to have Kaelin and her siblings in our lives. I've just dug out an old sewing machine to dust off and set out for the children to use and learn on. I hope they learn to love sewing as much as I do!