Wednesday, July 11

On the way home from errands this morning, we took the back roads home. The view at the top of the hill is incredible and relaxing and a few of our children in the back seat were squabbling.

I saw something moving in a neighbors yard and pulled the van over excitedly. "Look, look!" I told the children and we all peered out of the van windows at a female turkey waddling across the yard, eyeing us suspiciously. "Keep looking!" A few feet behind Mama turkey waddled out of the tall grass three fluffy new baby chicks, still wearing their down, scurrying to keep up with her. They were adorable.

Maybe it's because I'm new to country life, but simple gifts like this one today really touch my heart. Last week it was a doe in the farmer's field across the street that patiently let us sit and watch her, another day a slow moving turtle to be poked and felt, and everyday, the chickens running in the yard fascinate me.

I make sure to pray out loud with the kids, thanking God for letting us see a bit of His creation. I want to teach them to enjoy this simplicity as a gift too.
Can you tell I really don't miss living in the city?

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