Friday, July 20

New Summer Dress

(Me and my photographer)

I can also see making this up shorter in a knit to wear over jeans or with a longer, not so full skirt (this is a full circle). I recently read that one's hemline or pant line should not end at the widest part of one's leg. You can't tell from the photo but one version of the pattern has a ruffled slip that hangs below the hemline that is also adorable in an early 1980's sort of way.
The sewing pattern was .99 and the fabric was $1 a yard, with a complete dress cost of about $4!


Rebecca said...

Cute! Do you have to adjust your patterns to fit yourself? I have yet to find a brand that fits well. Problem is my shoulders are one size, chest another, waist another, hips another etc I have a hard time finding dresses that fit! If you have to adjust them, how do you do it?

Me said...

I am shortwaisted so I take up dress patterns in the shoulders or waist area.
This pattern is great because the waist is elastic and its loose in the bust and hips.
I'd try to find a not form fitting dress pattern, there are lots of new cute ones out for fall where you could just go by your bust measurement since they hang loosly over the hips and waist.
My dress dummy helps too. i can pin the pattern pieces onto her before pinning t hem on the paper to see what size I need to cut.

Rebecca said...


Amy said...

Your dress is lovely! I cannot wait until I know how to sew in the very near future :D