Monday, July 16

I'm no Martha Stewart

when it comes to the tidiness of our bedroom. Outgrown clothes? Put that box in our bedroom. Clothes to be folded? Pile them there.

Ugh... I hate clutter and our bedroom was such a nasty mess.

Catherine decided to unexpectedly bless me with a long nap today, and the older three were entertaining themselves

so I donned a favorite apron

and got to work.

I like to spray this on the mattress before making the bed.

A freshly featherd nest.

No more dustbunnies over here.

I love domestic accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

You have beautiful furniture!!

Me said...

Thanks, Leslie. It comes from a million different places. The chest belonged to my mother as well as the dresser and end tables. They could both use some refinishing.
The dressing table came from a distant relative who heard we had a large house and said, "Hey, I have this big piece of family furniture. Do you want it?" A very kind and appreciated gesture.
Last year we bought a bed, our first real bed in nine years of marriage! before that we just put the mattress and boxspring on the floor.

New Mom said...

I agree, your furniture is really pretty!

Janel said...

I am so glad to see I'm not the only one with a dressmaker's dummy in my bedroom! lol


Melissa said...

Oh how I've missed your blog! It's so motivating!