Friday, July 27

Happy Birthday My Beloved!

Thirty presents for my thirty year young husband.

A breakfast of his favorite scones, smoothies, fruit and coffee.

Family in town, a sister coming in tonight, four children who adore you, a wife who's mad crazy for you....

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Sean! You are such a blessing to our lives!


Someone Beautiful said...

Please, would you email me and tell me some of the 30 gifts you gave? (If it isn't too personal). I want to do something for my Love's next birthday!! He is very practical, but it would be so fun to give him 30 gifts! I'm mybuttercup "at" cavtel "." net

Your post is SO sweet & lovely! I hope he has a happy day.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! I am inspired for my love's next birthday ... but will need 43 gifts!!! :-)
Hope you have a lovely weekend with your family!