Sunday, July 8

Glimpses of our Cabin

For three summers, Sean and some VERY good friends have been working to build this log cabin on 90 acres of land that we have up north.

They've built it all by hand, with help only from our Suburban. My friend Rachel and I spent many minutes in prayer as her husband and mine lifted crucial beams into place by hand.

All the timber came from our own land. Some of the boards were milled on site.

Sean built these bunks. They are almost finished.

A gifted chair from friend Sven.

My stove.

My sink. Sean drilled a hole in the enamel basin, put in a drain and viola! Future plans include running a copper pipe from a rain barrel outside into the cabin.

Roe deer antlers from Germany.

Another gifted piece of rustic furniture from Sven.


Rebecca said...

Wow! I haven't seen it in so long and it looks awesome! What talent!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cabin!!

Tom said...

Great pictures! We can now visualize the infamous cabin that our Abby visited last week :) It must be a lovely retreat for your family.

Emily said...

Oh how wonderful. How did your husband learn to build a cabin such as this? We are looking to do something similar except we are actually going to be living in our fulltime. : ) Any advice would be appreciated. Actually any advice on living primitive as well. If you want you can email me at Blessings.

Diane said...

I don't know..... I think this is WAY TOO woodsy for me.... :O)

Debbie said...