Saturday, July 14

For the Love of Keeping House and Having a Home

I love to keep house. Truly and honestly. A freshly swept floor, free momentarily from crumbs from small children, is a beautiful thing. It may not last long in this season of life, but it's wonderful. Bed sheets folded fresh off the clothes line - does anything smell better? I'll swear that the scent of fresh air helps you fall to sleep. Some people may view keeping a home as drudgery. This afternoon I am feeling so thankful that I have a home to keep.

Eleanora is quietly napping in her playpen, the fan in her room slowly whirring around to shoo summer flies away. Aiden was also wiped out from a morning of being one of Papa's helpers and running around the yard. While Papa cleaned out the cistern in our cellar, Aiden worked busily hammering nails into a piece of cardboard. Being that the nails and hammer belong to Sean, this, in Aiden's eyes, made him "helpin' Papa".

Sweet Annaliese is curled up on our bed with a free word puzzle magazine we found at our new cute library. The library is in a small town nearby, housed sedately in an old church with the sun shining generously through the beautiful stained glass windows and falling upon a few rows of books. It isn't large by any standard, but reminds me nostalgically of the library in the little town where we lived when I was very little. We will most definitely visit often. Any books I want from other libraries can be ordered online and delivered to our new little church/library.

Andrew just hollered down the stairs, asking to get up. A little boy with a BIG voice. We're working on that. A boy and his sunny outdoors with rocks to pile and sticks to find and trees to climb and chickens to chase soon miss each other on a beautiful summer day.

Sean is next to me in the living room, with Aiden cuddled in his lap, reading a good book.

A treasured babysitter is coming in an hour so Sean and I can whisk away to a quiet dinner and continue to love each other forever. Good friends will visit here tonight. It is a beautiful full day.

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Rebecca said...

That was beautiful and beautifully written! I also agree that the scent of fresh air makes one sleep better. Looking forward to the day when our sheets can dry on the line! Lucky You!