Wednesday, July 11

Dressing Well on a Budget

There may be a stigma to shopping thrift and consignment stores but I've never had it affect me adversely. I love getting compliments on my clothing and knowing I paid $20 for the entire outfit. Just makes my heart do a little leap. I know, I'm strange.

But if you dig down deep within yourself and cannot find it in you to recycle clothing, then start shopping the clearance racks. Be friendly with the people who work in your favorite stores (you should be anyhow) and ask them what days they mark down the clothing.

I purchase much of our children's clothes a season ahead of time. In the north here, it is either cold or hot, not too much in between. When spring comes and the stores start stocking sundresses and shorts while there's still snow on the ground, I scan through the clearance racks and pick up clothing for the fall and winter to come. A basic rule is to buy one size larger to put away. As least this works for my children. When the kids are babies, then count ahead however many months until the next season and add that on to what size they currently wear.

One thing I will not go cheap on is shoes. My toes got frostbitten years ago and the cold NY weather is misery on my feet. For me, it is worth paying extra for well made shoes. Of course, I look for sales here too.

I love Ann Taylor Loft clothing. Find coupons or discounts on shipping online by searching google before placing your order. I've also found that our local Label Shopper carries Ann Taylor clothes a season after they're in the stores. BTW, they have a 70% off sale going on right now and they just started a line of maternity clothing.
The last tip I have is to encourage you to learn how to sew. I know, it may sound old fashioned and granny-ish but it's making a comeback. Sewing for myself and my kids and gifts for friends saves us oodles of money.

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