Friday, July 27

Blueberry Picking

After three u-turns, a closed road and bad google directions, we finally found this beautiful place, my Mom, myself and the four children. The bushes were beautiful, old things laden with sweet berries, an occasional bee and Japanese beetles.

I'll gladly flick a bug, knowing nothings been sprayed and the berries are just as lovely as God intended them to be.

We picked for an hour and a half in the morning fog and hot sun. The owner brought two candy bars out for the kids and said, "Here, these'll help..." as my mom and I encouraged them to stick to one bush to pick instead of "grazing" from bush to bush.

The owners say that if the kids come back with out blue tongues, they send them back to the field. What a friendly bunch! Eleanora took them up on this and ate so much that her little buns were stained blue for a day. (so sorry if this falls under "too much info" but I thought it was funny. Mama humor, I guess.)A cool lunch in the van, cold juice boxes and tired bodies... Everyone crashed when we got home.
I've put the berries in the freezer for now and will pull some out for jam once the excitement wears down. Sean's folks are here this week, as well as his nephew. One of his sisters comes in tonight so the house is full and happy.

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