Monday, June 11


What legacy does your family posses?
What is your spiritual heritage? Think about it for a moment. Is it one of strength? Scandal? Divorce? Alcoholism? Steadfast Christianity in face of adversity?
I began thinking on the subject after reading of Jonathan Edwards' legacy. What a difference his faith made on future generations! His descendants included:

13 college presidents
65 professors
100 lawyers and a dean of a law school
30 judges
66 physicians3 U.S Senators
Mayors of 3 large cities
Governors of three states
A Vice President of the U.S (their grandson was Aaron Burr, Jr.) A controller of the U.S. Treasury
and 100+ missionaries
I believe the point of what I read about his legacy was not that his descendants had great jobs, but that they were Christians in areas of influence.
Legacy and heritage is why our personal relationship with God is important. That is why our relationship with our spouse must come before our children. It is a common trend in parenting these days make children the focus of the marriage where everything centers around the child and the child's needs/wants.
Every week when Sean and I go on a "date", our youngest son asks with a smile, "Why you go on a date?" And smiling back, I ask him, "Why do we? You tell me." And he grins even bigger and says,"Cause you wuv each ovher!"
Sean and I have a hodge podge heritage, some great and some scandalous. We all need grace to leave a good and enduring legacy of faith for our children and grandchildren. Our children are bathed in prayer.
Our oldest will be seven this fall. While that may seem young, I can see how quickly the next seven years will pass, and the seven after that. Like sand through my fingers.
The thought of our children growing makes my heart pound faster because I see how important the time Sean and I have with them is. How important each moment is! The moments spent with them and the ones I spend alone with God are invaluable.

Deut 30:19 "This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live ."


Amy said...

Thank you for this great post! Your words have really caused me to think.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Thank you for visiting! You have such a lovely blog here. And reading what you wrote here made me think, again, about how people so often spend their precious time on passing, wordly things instead of focusing on what's really important.