Sunday, June 17

For our Children's Papa

I would like to honor my husband this Fathers Day. Dr. Dobson and Dennis Rainey have nothing on him. To begin with, let me tell you why he is the man that I most admire in this world.

My husband was not raised in a godly home. He was the result of a teen pregnancy and thankfully, his mother and father chose life for him. His beginning years for the most part were horrendous, full of things any parent wants to shield their child from. I shan't go into detail, but be it sufficient enough to say that he lives his life contrary to where the statistics would place him. The statistics would have him smoking, an alcoholic, abusive, and addicted to pornography with children out of wedlock. If you know my husband, you see how laughable those statistics are in relation to him. All for the grace of God...

Even though he works away from our home, Sean makes every effort to be involved in our children's day. He is their Papa and he doesn't mind speaking with them on the phone if they are having a rough time, giving them guidance and direction. At the dinner table, he asks each child about their day and what they have been learning in schooling. Before he leaves for work in the morning, he wraps his arms around them and prays for each of them by name. He has taught our older children by his example, without any formal lessons or instruction, how to pray. Sean tends to the spiritual growth of our children. What a blessing for our children, is a Papa whose heart is soft towards God!

With all of our children, Sean is affectionate in word and action. They never have opportunity to doubt their father's love, even when they are being disciplined. Our daughters are secure in his love and our sons trust in him.

This morning when Sean brought our eldest son out early to care for our animals, I found myself thanking God that my boys are being taught from a young age the value of hard work. Our son knows that if he cares for his chickens he can sell them for a profit. Ask him what God has to say about animals and he says. "A righteous man is kind to his animals." Ask him what "righteous" means and he'll tell you. What a valuable lesson to learn at five! What a blessing my husband is to my children!

My husband is a blessing to our family because he is a hard worker. It is not uncommon for him to come home from work and start working on projects around the house. He is an excellent provider and businessman. His business clients speak well of him and trust him. I am always amazed at the knowledge and wisdom he has in business! Sean provides well for us and has made sure that if anything ever happens to him, we will be well cared for. What a blessing he is to our family!

Sean is a great blessing to me. Every morning before he leaves for work, he wraps his arms around me and prays for me and my day. He supports me in educating our children, gives me practical advice in difficult situations, accepts my input on business and home decisions, and values my position in our home. Sean takes measures to protect his heart and mind and reserve his affections for me. I so love that about him!


Rebecca said...

What a really sweet post!!!

Anonymous said...

Sean is truly blessed to have a wife who appreciates him this much - and your children are also blessed to have such Godly parents to show them the right way to live!

srich said...

This is beautiful...I came on your blog to learn how to kill a chicken for dinner tonight and was so blessed to read some of your other posts. It's really encouraging to find fellow heirs living out the abundant life and sharing that abundance with others. Keep running, keep persevering, and keep posting.