Friday, June 8

The Garage Sale Girls Strike Again...

Spanish chandelier for the dining room to replace the ceiling fan. Ceiling fan in a dining room? Yes, there is. I didn't put it there. This was $10.
This adorable book from the 40's was $1 and as I'm a sucker for vintage illustrations, the pages will be framed for the children's rooms or bathroom.

A hand knitted sweater for our oldest in the fall. I loved watching the old church ladies whisper about prices and decide to charge me a whole 50 cents for it.

This painting got some church lady whispering too. It is signed by some talented artist and put me back a whopping $1.50.

A vintage toy drum, with drumstick was $2 and hasn't driven me crazy yet.

Three folds of fabric- $3. I can't wait to make a top out of the top two.

Do you remember, "My hat it has three corners, three corners has my hat..."
Three cornered hat - $1.


Amy said...

What lovely finds! Your pictures might tempt me into stopping by some sales this weekend :o)

Me said...

Thanks four comment, my daughter and I cannot resist sales. Sometimes theres absolutely nothing and then there's mornings like today(sigh) blessed mornings...