Sunday, May 20

Weekly Menu part 2 - A Sample Menu

This is the Menu for our family this week. I leave a lot of lunch spaces blank, knowing that there will most likely be leftovers from the night before.

Mon am - cream of wheat with honey
lunch -
dinner - black bean and chipotle soup, cornbread

Tues am - breakfast casserole
lunch -leftover soup
dinner - it's date night! mac and cheese or sandwiches for the children

Wed am - poached eggs with toast
lunch - home baked pizza
dinner - grilled corn guacamole and chips, spinach salad

Thurs am - blueberry pancakes
lunch - sandwiches
dinner - Baba Ghannou

Fri am - orange rolls
lunch- sandwiches
dinner - zucchini, potato and cilantro soup

Sat am - apple pancakes
lunch -
dinner - Asian cole with chicken

Sun am - Eat out
dinner - chicken casserole

Where available, I have linked to the recipes I am using. We are a family easily bored by repetitive food. I rarely cook the same dinner meal more than twice a month. Two of my favorite online resources for new recipes are and I like that they both allow users to rate each recipe and epicurious allows detailed comments and tips on each recipe by users. In my home notebook, I keep a running list of Sean's favorite meals. Cooking things that please Sean is a simple and great way to show him that he's appreciated when he comes home from a long day at work.

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Amy said...

Your meal plan sounds delicious. We vary us the recipes a lot too and love trying new things. I think I may have to try several of the recipes you have linked to in this post. :o)

I, too, am married to a Sean. It's nice to see somebody else with the same spelling. Whenever my husband has to give his name for something, the other person always inquires "Is that with a 'wn' or a 'un'?" LOL.