Monday, May 7

The Story of Tonight

Yes, this is me. This is the story of tonight.

Dear Husband came home tonight with one of these:

since our lawn is ankel deep.

"How does this thing work?" Sweet husband shows me.
Away I mowed, lines up and down, back and forth, laps around, zig-zag around the swingset, swing around the chicken coop with Hubby working on the roof, skirt around gazebo and duck hutch.

After an hour and a half and a break for dinner, I decided to move the duck hutch to mow that patch of grass.

"Grrr.... puuuushhhh,"

Sean - "Honey, you want me to get that?"

Me -"Sure. Grrrrrr....," tug,tug,tug, push some more, slip. Yup, slip. Whack. Yes, a big whack. Stars circling, Dear Love running and hovering, me crouching and kneeling and rocking and groaning. A pack of Cascadian Farm mixed vegetables for ice. Dear Husband pacing, ready to send me to ICU. Me (after a peek in the foyer mirror)- chuckle, chuckle, "I've got to take a picture of this! Wow! A fight with a duck house!"

I think the duck house won. I'm off to bed with a tylenol.

(in my defense, I was pushing it uphill.)

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Katie said...

oh my. that's talent sister dear. glad you're ok!!!!