Wednesday, May 16

Family Day

We hadn't seen Sean's grandparents in a few weeks, so we drove an hour, taking the scenic route. (it is very scenic- here's a picture of the route, taken last fall) We stopped at a favorite antique center where Sean bought me a huge old wooden 9 pane window to hang in our upstairs hall.

After a nice visit and a wonderful time sitting at the kitchen table with Grandma (Sean's, but I consider her mine) we decided to load up the kids and visit a favorite spot of ours about ten more minutes out into the middle of no where.

Trying to set the timer on the camera and run over rocks in wedges was a little tricky. I hadn't planned on fishing when I dressed that morning.

But I did match the trees!

Some of our very first family photos were taken here, almost seven years ago.

The children played in the rocks and sand while Sean fished and I basked in the sun with our littlest oneBut as all good things must come to and end, the black flies came out and we headed home. It was too much fun for the boys, who thought their big sister made an acceptable pillow on the ride home.

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Sam Luce said...

That is a great photo.