Thursday, June 21

Cultivating the Heart of Your Home

"Today was a stressful day. I woke up stressed. It was a combination of a bad nights sleep, a lot on my to-do list, and a lingering headache from whacking my head on that duck house a few days ago.
Strangely, Aiden had a stressful day too, refusing to nap even though I knew he was wiped out, resulting in an eruption of emotion by dinnertime. And my sweet Annaliese, normally my right hand girl, was careless and grumpy all day. Every one of my children was out of sorts today. Full moon? Hot weather?Coincidence?

Shamefully, no.

I know that I am responsible for setting the mood and the atmosphere of our home, and for cultivating the heart of our home. How much better our days go if I begin by singing, smiling, and having a heart full of thankfulness. Moods are catchy.

It would be easy to make excuses, but the fact of the matter is I chose to give in to the way I felt this morning and my children paid the price for my selfish indulgence.

I am reminded of the verse about King David which speaks that "he encouraged himself in the Lord". I have no doubt that we would have had a better day had I begun my morning in this way.
How thankful I am tonight for repentance and restoration. For being able to pull in the laundry singing, "Change my Heart, Oh God" and know that tomorrow is a fresh day."

I found this entry that I had slipped by and was never posted from about a month ago. I was just thinking on this subject and how I begin my morning and set the mood and spiritual atmosphere for our home.
Here are some practical tips that I have found helpful for beginning each day and making it as stress free as possible.

  1. Help the children lay out their clothing for the next day before tucking them in at night. The next morning, nobody will be yelling through the house that they can't find a shoe or come downstairs looking like they're trying out for Barnum and Bailey two seconds before you need to leave the house. (many times, many, many times)

  2. First thing, before crawling out of bed, pick up your Bible and read a passage. My favorite morning passages are from Proverbs and Psalms but I have also worked my way through several books this way, one tidbit to meditate on at a time.

  3. As quietly as possible, if the wee ones are still asleep (hardly ever here), slip into the bathroom and wash and dress. Since you laid out your clothing the night before this is easy. I have on my daily schedule what I endearingly call my "glamour routine". It is when I wash and dress, powder my face and curl my short little eyelashes and try to look perky for the family.

  4. If your children rise abnormally early (as mine), buy an alarm clock for their room. Our children's alarm clock is set for 7am. If they awake before that (almost always) they know that they need to lay quietly and look at a book in their beds until the alarm music begins to play.

  5. After I glam up, I usually press play on the CD player that is by my children's door. A CD playing soft soothing or cheerful musics floats through the house.

  6. A stinky diaper makes no one happy. Change such said diapers asap.

  7. Be glad to see each child in the morning. Show it on your face. It makes a big impact on little hearts if we begin the day by saying, "Now, we are going to have a great day today!"


Lady Beautiful said...

I LOVE this post! I like that you actually call your routine by name, "Glamor Routine". I can imagine that naming it gives a little extra motivation to get started with your day! Very good tips, I might have to "borrow" them!


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Melissa said...

Whoopsie, I posted under the wrong name. Sorry :P

homespun living said...

Such a wonderful post, and something I need to keep in mind more often.
Thanks for visiting recently.

theups said...

Wonderful post, Mrs. Hagarty!! I completely agree with us wives and mothers setting the tone of the home. I need to remember this more so that I can quickly get over any bad moods I may decide to have. :)

I really like your tips, too. Thank you for sharing them!

Mrs. U

Christina said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled here some how this morning...God is so good. Knowing I needed to hear this today.