Friday, April 20

The value of Children

I once heard a man say that the only thing he could be sure of taking to heaven with him were his children. Being passionate about children and families, I though on this. I concluded that while what he was saying could not be guaranteed, the idea and the concept that prompted his statement was quite profound. Is there anything else so worthwhile to work for in our lives that will have such an eternal impact?

My husband is a businessman. We've been blessed a nice home, nice vehicles, antiques and heirlooms, investments and savings. None of those things are worth anything in light of eternity. If I lose a piece of jewelry, I'm not going to panic. It's not a child. I will look for it, but its okay. It's not sacred. As parents, Sean and I do have four eternal souls under our tutelage. Those are eternal. The souls of Kaelin, Doug, Christopher and Catherine are sacred and priceless.

It is not my responsibility or calling, as a mother, to demand that my children believe in Christ. It is not my duty, when the years come that they have grown, to make sure their eternal souls are responding correctly to God.

My duty and calling as a mother now, as their Mama, is to teach them about God's love for them and to touch their small hearts with the love of God through my daily, sometimes seemingly mundane activities of being a Mama. I am carrying the burden and the responsibility to bring them to a place where they can step off of their reliance on their Papa and me and step onto reliance on God.

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