Thursday, April 19

Too much of a good thing

I've never been a nagging sort of wife. You know, the whole Proverbs 19 "nagging wife = dripping faucet" kind of wife.
Every once in a while, in our old house, I would mention to Sean that we needed some more bookshelves. We had two beautiful built in bookcases by the fire and several other bookshelves throughout the house, but some books still were relegated to boxes or stacks by the bed. I always liked the barrister bookcases, those ones with glass fronts (which would never work with little kids - fingerprints, slamming, pinching fingers, etc.) We a re a family with A LOT of books, to say the least.

(the bookshelves in our old home)
Now we have this monstrosity of an entire wall of shelves in the living room and I have no idea what to do with them. Put books on them, you say?
Then what do I put on the library shelves?
Yes, we are accursed with too much of a good thing.

(My mom in chair, Annaliese in dress, Ella on floor in long johns, my sister holding our Aiden with one sock on, one sock off)

I have every knick-nack I own on these shelves and I'm not a knick- nack sort of gal. The baskets contain our DVDs, one shelf has my collection of cookbooks, family photos, and the bottom row has bins with the children's toys.
Do I tear them down?

Someday (a very involved and messy someday) we need to gut this room. (Painted over wallpaper, no ceiling light, etc.)
Any suggestions, ideas?

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