Friday, April 20

Meet Daisy

Meet Daisy She's one of our two new Cayuga ducklings that came in the mail earlier this week. I must admit I felt kind of special getting a 6:30 wake up call from the post lady letting me know my ducks were in.
She said she thought they were cute but boy, did she have the radio cranked up high! "Is this all for you?" she asked hopefully and kind of nervously.
"All!" I thought indignantly to myself. I wanted to tell her the sheep were scheduled to be in the next day - but I'm too nice to do something like that.

This is one of her roomates. His name might be "Braised" or "Confit" or "Slow Roasted". He is one of our Pekings.

He has the cutest feet.

And then there are these in our back hallway/temporary henhouse and coop.

The chicks came in the day before the ducks. They arrived the morning after we were blessed with two feet of April snow. Needless to say, the little bitties were cold and seven of them passed on to a better chickie place.

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