Tuesday, April 24

A Little Shabby Restraint

The whim to decorate our home in pastels and white slip covered everything with frills is always calling to me. I have boys. And a very masculine husband. SO.... I have to sneak in the femininity and frills and sentimentality in creative ways. After all, I do want my husband to feel comfortable in his own home. He does kind of grimace if he has to sit back against a cabbage rose print pillow.

I have always loved globes. This is a vintage thrifted one. The book is a thrift steal also. I loved the author as a child. Our little stand is an old sewing machine table that we sanded down and roughed up when we bought our first home. It was $3 at an auction. The art was inherited.

My paternal grandparent's framed wedding invitation and a cup and saucer from the tea set my mother was given when she married my father.

A collection of thrifted blue glass on a thrifted pewter tray. Thrifted cake stand and garage sale mirror.

Our mantle.
The mirror and painting are from TJ Maxx as well as the bust. The guitar in the corner was $15 at a garage sale.

Flowers in the winter in NY are a must. They help me survive the horrific weather outside.

A corner of our small kitchen. This chair was bought off eBay and slip covered. It is great for friends to sit and sip tea or for Annaliese to sit in and do her reading while I'm cooking. The walls are a grayish-blue. They were the color of the radiator.

A wall in our dining room. The little book is a German antique. The square box belonged to my grandfather and the little round one was my great grandmother's allspice bin.
This is the littlest one's crib now, but I had originally painted it for our second son when I was pregnant with him.

This shelf is above our bed. I took this photograph in Quebec on our honeymoon. The antique book is "Advice for Married Couples". It was also inherited. A friend gave me the praying angel because she said I taught her how to pray! How special is that!

Catherine's tights and socks in a basket... Does she have enough shoes for a girl who can't walk yet? The Hop Ching Chinese checker board was our when we were little. The bottle of baby perfume came from a friend from Brazil.

Above one of the boys windows. From eBay.
An almost finished apron dress from a vintage 70's pattern. I tend to leave dresses on the dress form on display while I'm working on them.
I loved the tin ceilings in the bathroom. They were the only thing in this room not painted "mother Mary blue". The little card on the shelf reads," to be a real boy you must prove yourself to be brave, truthful and unselfish". My son Doug received it on his 4th birthday.

A corner of our library. The littlest Hagarty boy kept sitting on the bottom shelf and gave me the idea to put cushions down and curtain it. Now it is every child's favorite reading spot.

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