Monday, April 23

Eating Humble pie

We have been so blessed to have great new neighbors. All of them, even for miles up the road, are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. They are the kind that bring you a loaf of homemade bread and leave tins of treats on your doorpost.

An important fact in this story is that our new house came with a gazebo. Nothing elaborate, just simple and square, perched at the end of the driveway. My thinking was that, living in the country, why would you want to go outside and sit in a little gazebo with all this beautiful land? The kids have been having fun playing in it but that has been its only purpose.

Back to the story. . .

For some reason, my husband had met the neighbors directly to our left, but I had not. He would tell me little tidbits about them - "they are a young couple", "no kids", etc. - along with the fact that the woman's dad had grown up in this house and it had been in their family for a while before then.

So yesterday I met them while we were all out in the yard, enjoying the summer weather in April. Eighty degrees yesterday, it snowed two feet last week...

The very nice lady and I got to talking about our family's new chickens and ducks and she asked me if we had a coop or where we were keeping them. I explained that they were in the garage in boxes since the nights are still rather cool but that we plan on moving the gazebo and screening it in for the hens. "Oh, I wouldn't have thought of that." she said politely. Our conversation ended shortly after and my sister, husband, children and I wandered back to our house.
I was pulling cookies out of the oven, talking to my sister who was over visiting, when my husband came into the kitchen and very seriously, and in hushed tones begins to say, "I learned something very, VERY, important." Pause for effect.
"We can never, NEVER put chicken in the gazebo.! Her grandfather built it!"
My sister Katie said the look on my face was priceless as I choked out, "but I JUST told her we were going to do that!"
I was mortified. To say the least.
While my sister and i had been talking to the wife, Allie. Sean had been talking to her husband and he had said to my husband, "Isn't that gazebo just gorgeous! Allies's grandfather built it!"
Well, some of the cookies ended up at the neighbors house with me profusely apologizing and promising whole-heartedly that "I will never, never put a chicken in the gazebo" and even offering my husband to pull it with his truck onto their property if she ever wants...
My sister and husband followed at a distance as I walked over, chuckling to themselves the whole way and taking great delight in my "foot in mouth" situation.
Lucky for me, she is just as nice as all the other neighbors we have met and has hopefully forgiven me.

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