Sunday, April 8

Easter Sabbath and Strawberry Juice

I read a great idea, and if I can remember where, I'll give credit where credit is due. The idea was to begin Easter morning by rising early before the sun with ones children and watch the sun rise as a reminder that on this day Jesus also rose.
A lovely idea if you do not live where it is currently blizzarding out. Nevertheless, we all were up early this morning, unplanned, and watched the snowy clouds part and the sun shine through in its blazing glory over the hills.
Ah, yes. He is alive! He was either Lord, liar or lunatic.

Our Sabbath this week was a tiring one. with pizza and greens for our dinner. It somehow seemed so unfitting for the Easter Eve sabbath meal, but it was all our day afforded.
One of our children's books is beautifully illustrated and narrates the events of Palm Sunday through Easter morning. I read this wonderful story to the children as they ate their pizza last night and left them hanging on to the words "And early Sunday morning..."
"Aww... mama, please read more! Finish the story!"
Early this morning we read the events of that first Easter morning.

Since I had set the dining room table with my Grandma's china for our Easter meal, we ate a breakfast of fruit in the living room. The boys dressed in their special Easter outfits. Our oldest son had requested a new tie and the litttlest boy is a big fan of hats as of late. My Mom has an embroidery machine and she made a beautiful Easter dress for Baby with embroidered chicks across the chest, puffy checked sleeves, and all done in blue and yellow. Just adorable! I made our daughter's dress from a vintage pattern.

The older three kids were posing beautifully for pictures when I went to pick up Baby so that she could be in the photos as well. She had crawled into the living room, pulled herself up to the table and was happily eating a strawberry. A juicy strawberry, with juice running down the sides of her mouth, over that soft little chin, bonnet strings, chickies on bodice, checked skirt, puffy sleeves...
I called out to Sean and I believe I recall using the word "travesty" and so he came running. To make a long story short, after searching the internet for ways to remove strawberry juice and trying them with no avail, the dress was washed and thrown into the dryer and re-donned with nary a hint as to its former state of more strawberry juice than dress. The tip of the day: run strawberry juice stains under hot water, very hot water until they fade.

So the only Easter photo of little Baby shows her crawling up the stairs with her bloomers on while her dress was in the dryer upstairs. What can you do? Some things aren't so important in light of the day.

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