Thursday, April 12

Between schooling our oldest two and having four small children, I often feel like I'm doing the "Mama Juggle". "Sweetie, you play with Baby while I help your brother with his math, okay?"
"Here, Bubba, help Mama put away these forks while I feed Baby. Honey, help your sister set the table. Count out five plates."
"Where's Bubba?"

Two year old Bubba is found in the library intently poking away at the computer keyboard - the forbidden fruit of his two year old life.

"Mama, I stinkie!"

Crash! My impressive juggling act of the morning recedes into the background as I run him a bath and throw another load of laundry in the washer.
I metally calculate that the number of times he's told me he needs to use the potty is dwarfed by the misses. I remind him to tell Mama when he needs to use the potty. Someday, right?

My friend Rachel, also a mother of four, said that somedays you just need to do the next thing. I believe she got the quote from Elisabeth Elliot. The next thing: Out with the precisely plotted juggling acts and on to making beds, unplanned baths, runny noses, cooking dinner, impromptu lessons, and of course - grocery shopping. Whatever needs to be done - the next thing.

On and on my days go, one into the other. I am surprised at my own contentedness. I like being busy and I love being a Mama. Gone are the teen years and early married days when I had time to think and ponder, "What should I be doing with my life?" There is a warm satisfaction with knowing that I'm doing exactly what I should be doing.

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