Sunday, March 11

Teaching Art to Children

Giving your children the gift of art appreciation
is a very simple task and an enjoyable one also. Browse through your library's art section and choose some books based on subject you find appealing. Their are entire books devoted to certain artists or subject matter or style of art. The internet is also a great resource. I find beautiful art on Choose subject matter according to your children's interests or according to subject that you would like to expose them to. With all the raggy newsstand photos, I like my daughter to see women being beautiful and modest for a change.
A handsome young man being knighted for my son Andrew, paintings of sibling interaction, and beautiful girls in dresses for my daughter.
Ask them, where is the light coming from in this painting?
Who is in this painting? What are they wearing?

Where are they and what are they doing? What is happening here?

What do you think she is thinking? What does she see?

How does the artist paint? Are his strokes stiff and straight or soft and curvy? What shapes do you see that he uses in this painting?

Can we tell what time of day it is?

Can we tell what the person in the painting is feeling?

The same kinds of questions can be applied, with a few exceptions, to landscape and scenic paintings. Find out bits of information about artists your children enjoy to tuck in to your little art lesson disguised as everyday fun. "Did you know this artist, Arthur Elsley lived in England?"
"Do you remember where England is on our globe? Lets look!"

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Rebecca said...

Cool - i like art, especially Currier and Ives. I also like my little art books for children such as Picasso, Degas, Renoir, Matisse and others. Mommy says they are great for exposing really little people like me to art. When I get bigger maybe mommy will copy your ideas because she says they are good ones.