Thursday, March 22

Sugaring Off

I love days like this, when school work isn't confined to book work! Personally, I hate book work but have found that sometimes it is a necessary evil thanks to New York State being not so kind to home education.
Our new home has come with a yard full of sugar maples. After calling around, I found a place that carries the taps and the kids and I picked them up yesterday. Last night Sean and the kids drilled holes. It was so great seeing the excitement on their faces as the sap started running!

I'm sure we should have tapped the trees a few weeks ago and I am thankful we've gotten a few gallons of sap in just a few hours. Anyone know if this is normal? We have no idea what to expect aas this is our first time tapping maple trees. We emptied the buckets once this morning and will have to do so again tonight, I'm sure.

Meanwhile the wind whips down from the field behind the house and we're constantly checking to see if the buckets are still hung. I need to find something to weigh them down with. One plus of the wind is that my laundry dries in about a half hour!


Yvonne said...

Check out Sharon's blog at
they tapped trees last year sometime and told what steps to take to make maple syrup - she even sent me some and it was truly delicious!

Yvonne said...

Ok, I checked and it was in her February 2006 postings. Scroll through and you'll find it - pretty cool!