Monday, March 19

Second Sabbath Lesson for Children

In front of children staring in curiosity, Sean poured a pile of sand and began building a tower of blocks on top of it, all the while talking to them, and asking them, "What sorts of things do people build their lives on?" As the tower got higher they mentioned "making money", "being smart", "having lots of friends" among other things. He also built a similar tower on a piece of rock.

"Those things," Sean said, "are not bad. But they do not make a good foundation for your life."

Of course, the kids know the song, "Don't Build Your house on the Sandy Bank" and knew the correct answer when Sean asked them what we should build our lives on -"God!"

"When rough times come in our lives," Sean began pouring water over the pile of salt and over the rock, "which foundation is better to have?"


~~Mikki Jo said...

I absolutely love your blog. It really blessed me. I enjoyed my visit very much and can't wait to come back! Have a wonderful day!

Rebecca said...

Cool - can we copy you when Helena is a bit older?