Tuesday, March 6

Homemaking with the Five Senses

Every other week a group of us moms get together at a local ritzy hotel and talk and sip tea or lattes. I think I'll have a latte tonight...
Here's a brief outline for part of tonight.

Homemaking with our Five Senses + 1

1. Sight - what would a stranger entering our home be able to tell about our home and guess about us? Would they be able to tell that there are children in the home? Could they tell that we are remodeling or settled in, disorderly or organized, readers or tv watchers? Think about your home and what it says about you and your family. Are the rooms pleasant colors? You wouldn't wear pants and a top that don't coordinate, in the same way your rooms should flow together. I recommend The Decoration of Houses by Alexandra Stoddard.
Learn the basics of color and design to make your home a comfortable and pleasant place to be. Learn organization to order and tidiness. Appreciate beauty in simple forms for your home. Things that I consider beautiful are a pile of interesting old books with colorful bindings, a bowl of smooth river stones, and any kind of flower.

What do your guests or family see about us? Do we look tired and haggard all the time? Are we taking care to dress pleasantly and do our hair and makeup for our husbands? Sean likes to come home to clean children and so in the hour before he comes home we make sure faces are washed and clothing is clean.

2. Smell
What odors greet you at your door? Pet odors? (I gave our dog Bear a bath after writing this today). Baby smells? The smell of baking or cooking? I like to have something cooking or coming out of the oven when Sean comes home because I know the appreciates that. Usually dinner is almost ready or if he's coming home early I'll put cookies or bread in the oven. I don't often visit my grandparents because they live far away but when we visit, the smell of my grnadmother's home brings back so many good memories. I don't know what it is, just this wonderful clean and fresh scent that is so welcoming.

3. Taste
What do our family and guests taste in our home? My friend Rachel always offers me a cup of tea and I love that! Study your husband and keep a list of his favorite meals and snacks. Take time to learn about food ingrediants so that we can cook healthfully for our families and friends.

Do we greet our fiends with a gentle touch or hug? Do we cuddle with our children? Do we welcome our husbands home with a kiss and hug and convey that we are glad they are home? Is there comfortable seating for our guests or are they squishing in between piles of clutter? If we ask our guests to remove their shoes, are our floors clean for them to walk on? Is our home a comfortable temperature for our family and guests?

What are people accustomed to hearing in our homes? We've attempted to install a "no yelling for anyone" rule in our home that we are still working on. Go and find the person you need to speak with or need.
Are the voices in our home stressed and tense? Is the tv always on? Is there pleasant music in the background? lately Our oldest son has found his volume and likes using his BIG voice. We keep telling him, "Honey, a little softer, please."

Our Sixth Sense:
When spiritually we can sense in a home:

unease vs. peacefulness
discord vs. unity
tension vs. joy
underlying currents of stress vs. contentment

What is the spiritual atmosphere of our homes? Are we paying attention to cultivating that as well?

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