Tuesday, February 13

My Valentine

My valentine and I have so much to be thankful for. I remember: Long quiet walks hand in hand through the woods. He telling me that he loved me all very serious and somber because "he thought I should know" and, of course, I already knew. A kiss as the sun was setting and a trip to Boston and the beach and being asked to marry him. A warm winter evening wedding and beautiful honeymoon to Quebec. Our first home where the labor pains began. A daughter with his eyes! Family trip to Turks and Caicos and that turquoise warm water. An anniversary in a Boston snow storm. More labor pains and a son in his mirror image! New home filled with love and friends and warmth. His love comforting me as another son was born. Many restless nights and long prayers. Life for our son! Weekend trips to Boston. Longing for life outside the city. Quiet dates at Horned Dorset talking. Living life in love. Finally a daughter who looks like her Mama! Business blessings and favour and growth. Germany. A farmhouse in the country. Moments and days and years blending and rolling into a blessed eight years.

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