Sunday, February 4

Desperate Prayer

Home this sunny and cold Sunday morning with our two smallest ones who are sick, I began thinking about prayer and more specifically prayers that come so deep from within us, those desperate prayers, mournful prayers that are birthed from the very core of our soul.

My friend Rachel gave me a book on prayer for Christmas that I have been slowly reading. It is that kind of book that after reading a few paragraphs needs to be set down and meditated upon.

I can certainly recall specific times in my life when I have sought God's throne more fervently and desperately than the day to day prayers than sustain my everyday life. Desperate prayers are more than the "Thank You, Father, for this food..." prayers and the bedtime prayers whispered by small children. I am certainly not negating the importance of those sweet prayers. The book that I am reading reminded me that God is not bothered by our prayers, not annoyed by our petitions, and not unhearing to our cries for guidance and help. On the contrary, God loves it when we come to Him and seek Him, desiring that we do so. The Bible even urges us to come boldly before the throne of God without hesitation, "Casting all our cares for Him because He cares for us".

I urge you to find a quiet place. Hide yourself away, whether in the bathroom or under guise of running an errand. Pour out all that is on your mind and filling your heart and burdening your soul. Once your heart is emptied and your burdens are laid down at His feet, the refreshing warm breeze of trusting in Him will carry you, sustain you.

Desperate prayers are sometimes like breaths. Breathing in and out. Continuous. Unwavering throughout the day. "Lord, intervene."

"Father, make your will known."

"Lord, I know You are true to Your Word."

"I trust You."

"Make a way where there seems to be none, Father."

"Give us ears to hear Your voice speaking, give us a heart to understand."

These prayers are not hindered by housework, small children, errands and duties. Such prayers fit into the woven fabric of our day, entwining themselves in everything we do. Living with such a prayerful spirit calms our children, removes the stresses from our day (or makes us unaware of the ones that would bother us) and continually beseech our Heavenly Father for wisdom and intervention and guidance.

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Robert said...

Hope Aiden and Ella recovers soon... such nice words of prayer... it really touched my heart... i found your blog pretty interesting... i would surely like to visit again.... well u can too drop by My Inspirational Blog sometimes... hope u will like it...!!!