Friday, January 26

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We are moving to a house in the country! Being that we are a family of six, there are a whole lot of belongings to move! Fortunately and thankfully, we are able to move slowly as we do not have to be out of our current home by a certain date. This also allows us to scrub the new house and paint some of the new rooms prior to moving in. I know it will help foster a homey feeling not having to live with someone else's color scheme for very long. Here are some of the ways I am attempting to make this move as stress free as possible.

1. Label, label, label. My boxes are labeled as specifically as possible. "Dress material for girls for summer", "cleaning products, air popper, kitchen rug".

2. Color code each new room. The boxes for the boy's bedroom get a round blue sticker on top and on the side. All boxes with round blue stickers go upstairs into the bedroom labeled "BLUE". And so on for each room.

3. Plan ahead. This afternoon while the children had their naps and quiet time, I sat with my notebook and paint samples and calculated how much of each color I need to purchase including primer for that "lovely" turquiose ceiling and purple walls in the boy's room. Now I have my list and won't have to waste time in the home store.

4. Along with sorting out paint colors, I used my notebook to make a short list of each new room's layout to decide where I will place the furniture. I do think my husband was impressed when he asked where I planned to put the sofas and I had a ready answer. Thinking this through also allowed me to see what pieces of furniture are not necessary and can be left behind for our house sale. Much better than moving everything and finding out later that we don't need an item.

5. Sort and throw. My piano is currently surrounded and overloaded with items to sell or give away. I was very particular to methodically go through every drawer and box and room and throw away unusable items. I am sure the garbage men are wondering why they are being overloaded every week! I am finding that this is a great time to purge the house and our belongings. My only error in this process was to choose the piano as the dumping and piling spot for items to get rid of. We do want to move the piano to our new house and you can see how this is going to be difficult.

I welcome any tips from seasoned movers since we are still "in the midst" of this endeavor!

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