Friday, September 5

Weekly Menu

Friday am - oatmeal and fresh pears
lunch - yogurt with granola and fruit
dinner - German sausages and kraut, potato salad

Saturday am - banana pancakes with maple syrup
lunch - baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and chives
dinner - pasta with sausage, mushrooms, and garlic cream sauce

Sunday am - fried potatoes and eggs
lunch - peanut butter noodles
dinner - roast chicken and root veggies

Monday am - cinnamon apple cider muffins
lunch - pasta salad
dinner - chicken bacon cheese casserole, salad

Tuesday am - cereal and fruit
lunch - tomato salad with fresh mozz and basil
dinner - Mongolian beef (made with venison), rice, swiss chard

Wednesday am -
lunch - egg salad on lettuce
dinner - baked gnocchi with bacon and tomato

Thursday am - cranberry white chocolate chip scones
lunch - pepperoni ham pizza roll ups
dinner - burgers with bacon, blue cheese and onions

Friday am - oat groats
lunch - omelets
dinner - pork chops with apples and onions

Saturday am - apple cider muffins
lunch - potato salad
dinner - grilled flat bread and hummus, tomato salad

sour cream
blue cheese
cream cheese
powdered sugar
white chocolate chips
fresh mozz

dill from Nancy's


Whirlwind Month and a Photo Heavy Post

uploadWhat a month.  For starters, we butchered our meat chickens (Cornish x) without a plucker.  Well, the kids and I were the pluckers but we had planned on borrowing one and sadly, that did not work out.
#chicken #butchering essentials
These were essentials for chicken butchering: iced coffee because we began before 8am and essential oils to keep dabbing under our noses because, well, wet chicken feathers is about the worst smell on an given day but wet chicken feathers when eight months pregnant is just gag-able. That's a lot of resting #chicken.
We let the chicken rest in the fridge and then packaged it up for the freezer later on.  I would have preferred to let it rest longer because it allows the meat time to relax but we were in the middle of visiting Sean's grandmother in the hospital every night and packing for Florida.
Twenty-two hours of driving later, we arrived.They rode 12 hours through nine states with four stops like CHAMPS! This would be humorous if it wasn't actually that big. #30wks #vacation #Florida Beautiful warm morning on the lanai while the thunder rolls around us, kiddos chatter about plans for the day and breakfast and coffee are devoured. Snorkeling with the snook, sheepshead and some lively turquoise and neon yellow fish is the most fun first day of #homeschool this mama has ever had. Bookwork has gotten delayed till afternoon again. This is my view under. the lucious shade of the umbrella. Love this seaside life. #icecream in the Jacuzzi before bedtime. IMG_0184 The only thing this perfect set-up (sunshine, fan, #knitting, #painting, pool, Pandora and kids) is missing is mom's group and all our kids. How fun would that be?
Florida was not all fun and sunshine - it was a working trip.  Sean tore out the cream carpet in the dining room (I know!  Who does that?) and installed a floating floor.  Things grow SO fast in Florida and so there was a lot of yardwork to do, cutting back plants and cleaning up, a few days of exterior painting (100 degrees on a ladder while hugely pregnant is exhausting, let me tell you), interior painting and patching because we rent out the house and it gets wear and tear, pool fixing chores and so on. Lovely #hickory floor for the dining room. #remodel #diy #interiordesign IMG_0268 upload
After Florida, we headed north to Charlotte and stayed over for a day while Sean got some supercharged IVs that will hopefully help his body in the fight against the Lyme disease bacteria and co-infections.  The kids and I explored the city and had a fun morning while he was busy.
Woohoo! Half our journey is over. Tomorrow will be thrifting, shopping and exploring the city with our crew while Sean has some treatments for #lymedisease.

Now home, there is back to reality.  Laundry, grocery shopping, last minute home repairs and finishes before a newborn (can't wait!) arrives.  Coming home from a minimalist house always makes me want to get rid of *stuffs* and I already filled a back of maternity clothes last night to pass on.

Monday, July 28

Special Day

Happy birthday to the great #hunter, papa, husband and provider of our family. upload That's my tribe over there. How many Hagartys can you fit in a tunnel? Wonderfully refreshing. upload If there is wildlife to be found... Home late on my husband's birthday and he's not really a cake person so this quick apricot blueberry wrapper #pie is getting popped into the oven for a late night snack.

Yesterday was Sean's birthday and we all had a lovely, lovely time in Ithaca, NY, hiking some of the falls and enjoying a picnic lunch lakeside.  Home late, I made one of my favorite fast desserts for a birthday treat - a wrapper pie.  Just halve your favorite pastry recipe, roll it out into a circle, add fruit, a little flour if it is juicy fruit, a sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon I you like.  Bake at 375 for about a half hr.

Saturday, July 26

Summer Days

Beautifying a corner of the kitchen with a quick fun #watercolor and #stag antlers from a German flea market. #art #homemaking Our #CSA had all you can pick #flowers this week which is like a big fat kiss straight from God to me. "He is our peace, who has broken down every wall. He is our peace. He is our peace. Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you. He is our peace. He is our peace." upload upload Transplanted some mint, swiss chard, sunflowers and beans along the new walk and bought some midnight coreopsis and seedum. Sasha the Killer and her girl Addie think all these fun steps and pretty spots are made just for them. I'm happy to let them think Berrying with five of my bunch. Picked some raspberry leaf also to dry for a vitamin c rich tea.
Today we're shopping for birthday gifts, Sean's old SUV wouldn't start so we're also running him to work, trim on the top of the house is getting scraped/painted, paint chips to shop-vav up, house to tidy, laundry to play catch up with, lesson plans to wo

Summer is beautifully bustling by.
House projects have been happening.
So has lots of fishing, walks, berrying, preserving and plan making together.
ALL the wood out back is processed thanks to some sweet friends.  Ten more facecord have been delivered so we'll be toasty all our long winter long.
Babe in the womb is growing and thriving.
Lesson plans for homeschooling are getting jotted down and books ordered and stacked on overflowing shelves.
This week we have house guests and the papa's birthday.
Hope your summer is lovely too.

Tuesday, July 15

Sift you like wheat

"...behold Satan would have you,to sift you like wheat but I have prayed for you that your faith would not fail and when you have returned again, strengthen your brothers."  When I'm failing Him by refusing His headship in my marriage, turning from the ca

"behold, Satan would have you to sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that our faith would not fail and when you have returned again, strengthen your brothers."

When I'm failing Him by refusing His headship in my marriage, turning from the call to give up myself for His glory in parenting, denying by my very actions and words toward my children that He is my Lord - I know He is interceding on my behalf. When I shame His name the most and am at my most reprehensible, knowing He is I AM and living as though I am, Jesus prays that my faith would not fail.  What a beautiful, humbling thing to think on today.

Monday, July 14

The Interminable Power of the Cross

"I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised Him from the dead!" We all cry, "yes!" in agreement with Paul, not stopping to realize that resurrection requires death and that the death of anything requires giving up something alive and thriving.
If I want His resurrection power in my marriage and pareting, my selfishness, idealism and expectations will have to be crucified, not by human will-power or my own determination, but under that same interminable power of the cross.

"I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised Him from the dead!"  We all cry "yes!" in agreement with Paul, not stopping to realize that resurrection requires death and that the death of anything requires giving up something alive an
#Blackberries and #raspberries are ripe! My little chefs are busy making blackberry-rhubarb jam and a double batch of blackberry muffins for lunch, a few others are up the hill picking the hedgerows clean. Addie's ready for an #Adirondack #swim.Kitty love. I'm reminded this morning why the friendship of women is so important.  Women get a bad rap as being gossipy and petty but I dont think that's the norm. We heard from someone in our mom's group who had a rough night and is pressing hard to see the goodnes I grew up surrounded by intellectual superiority.  My sisters and my mom had high IQ's I was told and mine was "ok". It didn't matter that I graduated sixth in my class or top of my nursing class, even my high school guidance counselor told me I wasn't co It doesn't matter if we're at church, the library or the grocery store, someone always stops to ask, "How do you do it all?" I think it might surprise them a bit when I tell them, "you don't". God doesn't call us to do it all or do it all perfectly. Our w

Tuesday, July 1

Bookcase Door

Hmmm...the logistics of turning a door into a #bookcase. #weekendproject #DIY

Cleaning the homeschool room while trying to think of something more substantial than that inadequate little bookshelf and this door made me go, "hmmmmm...." and start googling.  I read too many spy novels with secret passages as a child. What I found was a lot of expensive kits and no brilliant ideas.

Addie girl and I went shopping. 
Lowes for some lumber. #doorbookcaseproject

My unprofessional way to determine shelf width and height was to pick one of the kid's largest school books.  It worked perfectly.

Finishing crown moulding. Then paint. #books #doorbookcaseproject

I used the compound saw for cutting the boards and pre-drilled the screw holes since it was just inexpensive pine boards.  Some salvages crowned moulding prettied up the top and bottom and a few coats of paint finished it off.

An immensely satisfying feeling. #books #bookcase #doorbookcaseproject #DIY #woodworking #homeschooling #doorbookcaseproject

Sean helped me re-hang the door and we gave it lots of test swings to see if books would stay on it. (smile) This door is used all day long.  It connects the two sides of the upstairs of our house.   Instead of a hallway between rooms, we have a closet.  Got to love old houses.
It's been a few weeks and the shelves are filling up with homeschool books and nothing has fallen off, which makes me a happy, pleased mama with a little extra valuable wall space and my kids have the secret passage I always dreamed of.