Sunday, December 7



baked French toast
scrambled eggs with cheese and breakfast sausage
cereal and fruit
rice pudding and tea
fried potatoes and eggs


yogurt and granola
ricecake pizzas
nachos, salsa and hummus
Whole Foods chicken salad over lettuce
pasta salad
flank steak and flatbread


butternut squash pasta
fish tacos
ginger venison, mushroom and greens stir fry
grilled chicken salad and peanut noodles
polenta with marinara, garlic rolls
winter minestrone and garlic bruschetta


Sunday, November 16

Finally, he came...

After watching, waiting, more waiting and wondering at the purpose and plan in those nineteen days of post-due-date waiting, he came.  We had opted to help labor along, with the guidance of our midwife, and once things finally kicked into gear around midnight, labor was hard.  I had joked with friends about my enormous waistline, 43 inches was my girth this time around, the hugest leap in measure I had ever had.  Afterwards I joked that epidurals were made for big babies but, alas, there is none to be found while birthing at home.  I am pretty small when not pregnant and this novelty of watching my belly expand as never before made me scan the screen carefully those last weeks of watching to see that all was well within.   Just one baby, the kind technician consoled me.

After two hours of good laboring with our oldest daughter encouraging me and Sean ever present - I kept begging him not to leave me and he kept promising he wouldn't - and telling myself all I needed to do was breath and God would take care of the rest, and imagining myself standing in the big pines up at our old camp on the banks of the creek, watching the children play below and Sean fishing and me holding this new one, my breaths the winds, and keeping that golden tidbit of verse," the Lord stood beside me and strengthened me" close to heart, and then pushing, never having had to work at pushing before, and thinking that if I ever were disemboweled, it must feel like this (smile) our fifth son was born on our bed.
"Relief" is not strong enough a word but it certainly covers some measure of what I felt following this delivery and we are so, so thankful that he came safely.
We have named our son Levi Joshua and when Sean read the scale, I laughed, and thought he was joking.  Levi weighed ten pounds and measures 22.5 inches long, sweet boy.  We're all smitten with him and are settling (so happily) into life as a family of ten.

Just a few photos from the next morning - we're still in recovery/lack of sleep/ all day cuddling mode...

Sunday, October 26

Bits and a Menu

#Mantle tinkering with my new square #wreath made with old book pages cut into hickory leaves. I'm running out of areas to nest. Beautiful Annaliese. A few of my sparkle berry pickers. #eatlocal #wildfoods #foraging Hiking (waddling) and picking sparkle berries with our crew. How #sewing gets done. Which always makes things interesting. Yep. upload Naptime. For #baby toes. #sewing #leather #thisisfun #39.5wks
1. fall mantle with my grandmother's yellow glass and a wreath I made out of old book pages cut into hickory leaves.  The old skis we found in the rafters of our cellar. 2. beautiful Annaliese 3. some of my crew when we went out hiking to pick Autumn Olives 4. Autumn Olives 5. how sewing gets done 6. big baby belly 7. second attempt at sewing with leather - a cute suede and leather tote bag which I'll use in place of the traditional cutesy diaper bag 8. Benjamin napping in just about the same spot as where he was born 9. leather moccs for the new babe; first attempt at sewing with leather

Well, that due date came and went with no hoopla. :)  Still here, still pregnant and (cough) measuring six inches larger around the middle than I have in the past.  I don't know if this kiddo is just large or lying strange.  Time will tell.  I've been walking, cleaning, canning and lifting with no action. 
A few questions I've gotten have asked if I include snacks in my meal planning.  The answer is not usually.  Sometimes, but not always.  Usually I jot down ideas for lunches and plump them up with whatever is in the fridge, cheese slices, carrot sticks, fruit, applesauce, etc.  We don't snack throughout the day.  The kids have one snack at three each afternoon and that it all.

How do I get sewing done?  Well, first, I never get to sew all day. :)  Sewing is done in bits and pieces.  Usually during nap time or when the kids are playing outside.  Often, Benjamin is in the sewing room/office emptying drawers or playing with buttons.  Addie too, finds it one of her favorite places to explore and play so I always have company.  Benjamin likes to sit on my lap while I sew at the machine or dance on whatever fabric I have laid out, telling me, "nice, nice!"  Sewing is an adventure.  There is always a partially finished project waiting for a few minutes of free time.  Sewing is pretty much the same as anything else I do as a mama - there are always kids around joining me or keeping me company.

cereal with fruit and milk
applesauce muffins
apple scones
oat groats
oven French toast
banana oatmeal smoothies

yogurt with granola
cheese quesadillas, applesauce
fruit ambrosia, cheese and pepperoni slices, crackers
pasta e fagioli
baked potatoes

zucchini rice casserole, garlic roasted potatoes
butternut squash pasta
burrito bowls
German apple pancakes
creamy tomato basil pasta, greens
kheema on brown rice
roasted veggie and black bean burritos

Sunday, October 19

Musings and Menu

Just five days until my due date, which means we could be meeting our new fellow any time now or soon in the next weeks. The weather in upstate New York has cooled, leaving a crisp bite in the fall air.  This morning we fired up the woodstove for the first all-day burning and warming of the living room side of the old house.  Sean made sourdough bread and sourdough pizzas so the opposite kitchen side stayed warm as well.
To take my mind off of being still pregnant and the largest I've ever been with child, Ella and I made a trip to the fabric store, I sewed Benjamin an outfit upcycling an ugly shirt and some Girl Charlee fabrics, finished a slouchy knit hat for Annaliese for Christmas, did some mending, traced a vintage apron onto new linen fabric an sewed up a new apron for the kitchen and began a crocheted camouflage hat for Andrew for his Christmas stocking.  In between, the kids and I watched some cooking shows an HGTV shows new on Netflix.  Sean worked outside for a good while and went bow hunting early this morning and evening.
Now, I'm sitting her contemplating this week's happenings and menu and wishing we had empty freezer space for freezer meals but thankful for freezers so full that there is no room.
rice pudding
cereal/muesli with fruit
baked cinnamon French toast with sourdough
corn muffins, hard boiled eggs
overnight oat groats with cinnamon and raisins

yogurt cups with granola, carrot slices
organic chicken nuggets, pasta salad
chicken soup, biscuits
baked potatoes with toppings
baked sweet potatoes, cheese slices, apple slices
Sonoma chicken salad

butternut soup, cornsticks
roasted veggies, grilled cheese, apple slices w dip
Tom Kha Gai soup, baking soda biscuits or sourdough
shepherds pie
meatballs on polenta
burrito bowls

#ravelry Treasure Slouch hat in wool for my girlie for Christmas. #knitting #justkeepingbusytillbabycomes Perfect rainy, cold #sewing morning. @girlcharlee fabrics #Blessed to bursting. The last of our sugar maple's glory till spring when they drip out sweet sap for us to boil. #38wks

Saturday, October 4

Weekly Menu

Busy helpers moving the canned goods. #pantry #canning #puttingfoodby Favorite time of year. #fall #autumn #leaves Stan Miga, the potato whisperer. We love this neighbor and his elderly sister who live together in a little house at the end of the road. Fresh from the earth. Good potato year. Harem pants and a knot beanie for the coming babe. #sewing @girlcharlee #35weeks

1. sweet babies helping me move the pantry into its new location off the kitchen is my favorite time of year in NY 3. Sean and our precious elderly retired farmer neighbor harvesting potatoes with an ancient horse drawn potato harvester that they rigged to the tractor 4. one huge red potato 5. sewing for the coming fellow

Sunday am - blueberry breakfast cake
lunch - homemade pasta and sauce

Take out chicken to brine and roast

Monday am - cereal
*roast chicken
lunch -  caramel cheesecake apple dip and slices, cheese slices, veggie slices
dinner - chicken spaghetti, tomato salad

Tuesday am - cream of wheat
lunch - yogurt with honey and granola
*midwife appointment
dinner - ginger garlic chicken soup with rice noodles

Wednesday am - peach cobbler oatmeal
lunch - cheddar cornmeal muffins, applesauce
dinner - sloppy joes, mashed potatoes

Thursday am - fried potato cakes and fried eggs
lunch - rutabaga fries, hotdogs
dinner - roasted butternut squash and carrots,

Friday am - scones
*bread dough to rise
lunch - jelly sandwiches
dinner - cheese potato smoked sausage casserole

Sunday, September 21

Weekly Menu

Trying a new recipe: Dutch #apple #pie.
Monday am - apple scones, melon
lunch - cheese quesadillas, carrot sticks,
dinner - chicken bacon casserole

Tuesday am - cereal
lunch - leftover chili and cornbread
dinner - venison leg roast, mashed potatoes
Soak oat groats overnight

Pie One. #apples #pie #applepie #baking #nofilter
Wednesday am - oat groats with raisins and honey
lunch - chicken nuggets, carrot salad
dinner - baked gnocchi
Pull out a chicken from freezer to roast

Thursday am - breakfast potatoes and fried eggs
lunch - fresh applesauce, biscuits
dinner - venison tacos, Spanish rice
Mix dry ingredients for zucchini bread and take zucchini out of freezer

Friday am - zucchini bread
lunch - leftover Spanish rice, fried eggs
Make pumpkin cinnamon rolls and let rise in fridge overnight

Saturday am - pumpkin cinnamon rolls
lunch -

Grocery List:
Red Grapes
Fresh Basil from CSA farm

Friday, September 5

Weekly Menu

Friday am - oatmeal and fresh pears
lunch - yogurt with granola and fruit
dinner - German sausages and kraut, potato salad

Saturday am - banana pancakes with maple syrup
lunch - baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and chives
dinner - pasta with sausage, mushrooms, and garlic cream sauce

Sunday am - fried potatoes and eggs
lunch - peanut butter noodles
dinner - roast chicken and root veggies

Monday am - cinnamon apple cider muffins
lunch - pasta salad
dinner - chicken bacon cheese casserole, salad

Tuesday am - cereal and fruit
lunch - tomato salad with fresh mozz and basil
dinner - Mongolian beef (made with venison), rice, swiss chard

Wednesday am -
lunch - egg salad on lettuce
dinner - baked gnocchi with bacon and tomato

Thursday am - cranberry white chocolate chip scones
lunch - pepperoni ham pizza roll ups
dinner - burgers with bacon, blue cheese and onions

Friday am - oat groats
lunch - omelets
dinner - pork chops with apples and onions

Saturday am - apple cider muffins
lunch - potato salad
dinner - grilled flat bread and hummus, tomato salad

sour cream
blue cheese
cream cheese
powdered sugar
white chocolate chips
fresh mozz

dill from Nancy's